Thursday, February 4, 2010


So there was snow/hail today! I know, in Jerusalem! They cancelled all the activities for today and tomorrow because they were so freaked out. Which means the Old City tour is next week along with the Dead Sea trip....buttttt i signed up for a ski trip up in Haifa, and I don't know where I want to go! I think I'll do Haifa as it is an organized trip and I can do a trip to the Dead Sea with anyone. I had a great revelation yesterday: there are no squirrels in Israel! Seriously! It is so weird to be walking around and not seeing them! squirrels! lol. So the water here is obviously different but its making my hair just really weird texture. Really sucks, so dry. Random. I know.

Israel in the news: The other day I guess Hamas fisherman put barrels out into the sea that were full with explosives. Many theories as to what they were used for, some say it was to bomb the Navy's boats, others say the beaches. They have closed down the entire coast due to it. Also negotiations have stopped between Israel and Hamas with one of the Israeli soldiers that has been held for a few years now. (not sure why) and then Israel has warned Syria that if they were to start a war they would lose. Syria wants the Golan Heights back. Hebrew is just getting harder and harder and we had a quiz today. It is just so hard to read block letters, then translate them into script while trying to figure out the sound, and then having to make a word. And then once you make the word you stare at it because you barely know any Hebrew words. It's just really tough, and so frustrating because you feel so slow! Ugh. I enjoy learning it, but it's just very stressful. I was at the grocery store yesterday and this really old man who spoke very little English came up to me and asked me if I knew what Cheerio's were. He said that his wife eats them, but he doesn't know what they are. It was so cute, I was so happy that I could finally be helping someone in this country. He was surprised that it was cereal as he thought it was a type of vegetable. Ha! Today was such brutal weather, the wind and the cold. Tough walk to campus. It takes me about twenty minutes each day, I consider it my workout.

This weekend doesn't look too exciting, the weather is supposed to be bad and I just really want to concentrate on Hebrew. I'll have to get some laundry done sometime in there. Tata :)

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