Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Not sure for a title

So on Sunday I had my meeting with my advisor about my classes. She has approved me for them, but I'm still not sure what I want to take as I don't know if I got the internship or not. I should be finding out later this week. After class I did some homework and then a group of us went to the shook (the open air market) and we got a lot of fresh veggies and such. It is incredible how fresh everything is and how cheap it is. I got a kilo of strawberries for two bucks! It's weird though, I'm not a fan of these strawberries, the ones from the grocery store that are injected with preservatives taste much better. I got some celery, hummus :), and carrots. Now the truth comes out that the grocery store that I have been shopping at for two and a half weeks is the most expensive. Every time I would leave and be spending eighty dollars I would look and be like what did I buy, so there is another store down a few blocks more. I'll check it out this week probably. Also on Sunday I finally watched tv online! It wasn't even my trash shows either! I got to watch an episode of Burn Notice. A lot of my friends are always watching it, but I can never figure it out on my own, I need helping knowing which links to click so it will let me watch it internationally.

We had a quiz last week that I didn't do so well on. It is just really hard to see a "letter" in block, then switch it into script, then try and figure out the sound, then try and figure out what the word sounds like and then have to know the Hebrew word! All in about two seconds. It is slowly coming, but it is just so discouraging to be in a class with other kids that have had Hebrew before and then they yell out answers before you have any idea what the question is. I just feel like someone that has a learning disorder in this class. And it's not like there is just one letter that makes the sound "a", there are three, so then when you are writing the word, you have to guess which one it is. Seriously, this language is just memorization and the shrugging your shoulders just assuming you got it right. Ulpan ends next Thursday, which I'm excited about, but then once the semester starts I have ten hours a week of Hebrew spread out over three days. I'm just really hoping that I'll be in a class that has more people that have never spoken this language, or even been exposed to it. Man oh man do I have a lot to say once they give us the reviews.

Yesterday was pretty low key. I took a nice nap after class and then we went to my friend Jonathan's for dinner. We have a rotation down where each night someone cooks at their place and then we switch. Aviva and I are Tuesdays as of right now. Tonight we are making beef stew! I'm really excited, I just got done cleaning the kitchen to make sure we have enough stuff to use. That's another thing that stinks about the apartments, you really have to keep up on the dishes because everyone needs something all the time. I have no problem doing the dishes at all because I know that I will really wash them in hot water. I just don't like the idea that four people are just using the same utensils over and over again if someone didn't wash them properly. I tell everyone I have no problem doing it because we are all switching weeks of being sick. Maybe this whole "I don't mind cleaning" thing will fade soon. Ha! Oh! I made my decision about where I'm going this weekend, I'll be going up to Haifa to go skiing! Woo hoo!

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