Saturday, February 6, 2010

One is the loneliest number...

I lost a sock in the wash today :( (hence the title of the blog) I really liked that pair too. Darn. So yesterday was lazy. Had a great shabbot dinner though. Aviva cooked this chicken. So good. I did the clean up! We have a great system! Ha! Today we walked around campus and took some pictures. Just chilled and watched Jerusalem. It was really neat because we heard the bells of the churches and then after that we heard the call of the prayer from the mosques. When I first heard it I was in class and though it was a lawnmower, and then the next time I thought they were cows. It is very interesting to hear. It is weird to see everyone's statuses on Facebook talk about how they are excited for Saturday night...but here, we are just getting ready to start class at 9:30am tomorrow. It's hard to adjust to having class on Sundays. I did laundry tonight, pretty expensive...I think like three bucks a load. Ugh. The washers smelled like cats! So gross, I moved my stuff. I swear I attract cats and cigarette smoke. My clothes are always smelling.

Dandruff situation is getting better with the head and shoulders. Haha. So all the dairy products here are very weird. The milk, cheese, yogurt, it's all very runny. And that would be great for me, not to have any lumps in my yogurt but its even worse I think! I know hard to believe. But it tastes very funny. And then the lumps are very tiny, but in a weird way. Not really a fan of it. And I am dying for some extra sharp Cabot cheddar cheese. The cheddar here is so weak. I have my meeting with my advisor tomorrow afternoon to discuss my classes. I'm still trying to figure out how I can get photos up here. Maybe a few more days.

Oh! So today when Aviva and I were walking on the outskirts of campus, we were on the east side looking into the West Bank. It was so beautiful today. Its justs mountains everyone. Desert mountains, but more rocky. Not sandy at all. They go on forever, I know Jordan is in the distance...not too sure how far out though. But it is so incredible to see the mountains and then a small town in the middle, and then miles down, another town. And you can tell they are all Muslim as you can see the towers for the mosques. It is crazy to just sit there and watch the West Bank. I mean I'm in the center of the world. For everything, religion, politics. And it really just looks so peaceful and serene. The view will never get old, something new is always popping up. I just can't wrap my head around how people are living in this area and there is so much controversy. They are truly just living their lives. It is just so different than what I thought before coming out here. It is weird to think that it looks peaceful in a way. Hmm.

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